Police Myanmar kills 38 protesters, bloodiest day since coup détat

In demonstrations in Myanmar, police forces killed 38 protesters today, reports the UN envoy for Myanmar, Christine Schraner Burgener. It is the bloodiest day in the country since the army coup took place on February 1.

In several places, police forces fired sharply at civilians, who had come together to demonstrate against the coup détat. According to eyewitnesses, there was hardly any warning.

In several places, the police acted hard:

Aid organization Save the Children says there are four children among the dead. It is a massacre, says a young protester against Reuters news agency.

Pope Francis calls on the relevant authorities on Twitter to engage in dialogue and not use violence.

Last Sunday, 18 protesters were killed. Since then, the regime has been acting even harder. Hundreds of people have been arrested.

Since the beginning of February, the Myanmar population has been on the streets every day. The forces of law intervene hard and drive demonstrators apart by force. The UN and various human rights organisations have condemned the action of the military junta.

Neighbouring countries called yesterday through the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to restore democracy and release political prisoners, including the deposed elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi.