Police officer shot in the street in Gothenburg

In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, a police officer died last night. He was shot on the street in Biskopsgården district and later died in the hospital.

The police didnt reveal the agents name. It is clear that it is a man from the early thirties who only had been in service for a few years.

Much still unclear

Much is still unclear about the circumstances under which he was shot. The Swedish police report that the initial investigation reveals that in the evening he spoke to a few people on the streets with a colleague. Both wore their uniform and were recognizable as a police officer.

What happened next is unknown. Last night, a neighborhood investigation started and cops questioned witnesses. No one has been arrested and an alert from the suspect or suspects is missing.

Half-stick flags

The National Police Commissioner has expressed his sympathy to the policemans next of kin and colleagues. Police work can be associated with big risks and we need to keep trying hard to minimize those risks, he said.

Also from politics comes shocked responses. Nobody should lose their life doing their job, Prime Minister Löfven said. An attack on police is an attack on our rule of law and our open democratic society.

As a tribute to the cop shot, the flags in Sweden are hung half-stakes today.