Police pick up man with burning torch at home D66 leader Sigrid Kaag

At the home of D66 leader Sigrid Kaag, a man with a burning torch has been arrested. He had called her bell and shouted conspiracy slogans. The man broadcasted his action via a live stream on social media channels.

The same man was also said to have been arrested last month at the home of outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge. Security at his home increased considerably at the end of December.

A Kaag spokesperson confirms the incident and says a report was made. The Hague police are investigating. According to the police, the man was recognized on the footage of the live stream and was arrested shortly afterwards.

โ€œIntimidating Rigโ€

MPs react shocked to the news. Thats how Kaags party mate Jetten calls the man โ€œintimidating rigโ€. โ€œHow far should we let it come in the Netherlandsโ€, he wonders. D66er Jan Paternotte finds it โ€œtotally idiotic and enormously threatening. Whoever comes to our ministers will come to our democracy,โ€ he writes.

PvdA leader Ploumen and SP leader Marijnissen find the incident unacceptable. โ€œCrossed another line,โ€ Ploumen writes on Twitter. CU leader Segers also reacts fiercely: โ€œIf you sow the poison of resistance, tribunals and confinement of your political opponents over and over again, then this kind of harassment and threat is what you reap.โ€

โ€œWhat a sick spirit to look up Sigrid Kaag and her family like this,โ€ writes BBB leader Van der Plas. โ€œDisgusting.โ€


Earlier today, it was announced that Kaag is in quarantine, because someone โ€œin her very close areaโ€ has tested positive for corona. โ€œI have no complaints myself,โ€ she wrote on Twitter.