Police possibly involved in dead ggz client in Zeeland

The Rijksrecherche investigates the death of a client of an institution in Kloetinge, a town in Zeeland. Possibly the police are involved in this.

The institution is located on the Oostmolenweg. The police do not say which institution it is, but on that road lies Emergis, an institution for mental health care.

Sunday at the end of the afternoon emergency services were urgently called to that care location. A trauma helicopter was also called up. What exactly happened is unclear. โ€œSomething happened with a client of the institution, which resulted in a resuscitation,โ€ said the police spokesman.

The investigation will be conducted under the order of the OA. A spokeswoman cannot add much either, but clarifies the situation a little: โ€œThe police have arrived there to assist in that ggz institution, with regard to this client.โ€

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