Police pull activists from Chamber Building, several dozen detentions

The police have removed environmental organization Greenpeaces activists off the roof of the building where the House of Representatives is temporarily housed. There have been detentions โ€œaround thirtyโ€, a police spokesman says.

Some activists had chained. They were cut off by the officers.

The activists climbed the roof in the early morning. They then hung yellow banners at the main entrance to draw attention to the nitrogen crisis.

In the dark, the activists climbed into the building:

During the morning, the municipality of The Hague wrote on Twitter that preparations were being made to โ€œremoveโ€ the activists from the roof, after the mayor banned โ€œthis way of demonstratingโ€. โ€œProtesters have progressed several times to leave the roof,โ€ said the municipality.

According to the police, the activists were arrested because they refused to leave after those claims. After the arrests, the police removed the banners.

Impending Lawsuit

In the early morning some fifteen activists had managed to climb the roof, reporter Vincent van Rijn saw. Others were stopped by the police. There were five police cars at the temporary Chamber Building quickly, but officers initially set up reluctant after dropping off the environment.

The action was needed in the eyes of Greenpeace, as the cabinet is doing too little to address the nitrogen crisis, said Greenpeace Nederland director Andy Palmen in the CCeit Radio 1 Journal this morning. He informed that his activists were willing to stay seated until the General Reflections after Prince Day next week. โ€œWe have tents.โ€

Earlier this year, Greenpeace also took a first step towards a summation letter lawsuit. โ€œWe have one last hope: the House of Representatives and the debate after Princes Day about the plans that are then there,โ€ said Palmen. โ€œWere waiting for that. If theres nothing good, well go to court.โ€