Police put an end to bomb threat at Washington Capitol

Police have taken custody at the U.S. Parliament Building in Washington, the Capitol, a man who had threatened with a bomb. For hours, the surrounding area was closed and people were not allowed to go to the streets.

Meanwhile, the guy was negotiated in a pickup, who claimed he had a bomb with him. The Capitol Police said they know his identity earlier, but not his motive. It would be Floyd Ray Roseberry from the state of North-Carolina, U.S. media report. He had a small flatbed truck parked on the sidewalk at the parliament library. This Library of Congress is one of the most important libraries in the world.

Parliament is not in session this week, but there are still staff and staff. The Capitol was briefly in lockdown early April when a motorist hit a safety barrier. At the beginning of January, the building was stormed by supporters of then President Trump, who disagreed with his election defeat. Numerous cops were injured.