Police raid on birthday: guests hiding in cabinets and toilets

After a tip from a observant citizen, officers in Velsen-Noord visited an illegal birthday party. In the building, enforcers found partygoers hiding in closets, toilets and other areas. Everyone who was found was thrown on the ticket, including the organizer who later declared to celebrate his birthday.

Friday evening the police received a notification from an attentive citizen that there might be a party at the Eendrachtsstraat in Velsen-Noord, as reports the police IJmond on Instagram. Because it was not immediately clear what the venue of the party was and how many people would be present, a big effort was made. Besides cops, there were also enforcers and a dog handler present.

Coats on the ground

after a short search, cops called at the party location, where two young men opened. They claimed to be in the building with the two of them. However, the number of coats and bags on the floor aroused suspicion. Once in the building, the police found more and more people in closets, toilets and other spaces. In total, 11 people were found, according to the police spokesperson.

The attendees have been approved for violating the rules of the Coronare and for violating the curfew. Some also received a receipt because they couldnt legitimize themselves.