Police release recognizable images of rioters Channel Island

The police released recognizable images of eight young people who participated in the riots in the Utrecht Kanaleneiland district on 14 August. The police images can be found on the website of Bureau Hengeveld, the investigative programme of RTV Utrecht.

Earlier, the police had already brought eleven suspects into the picture. They had then been made unrecognizable because they were suspected of being minors. Three young people were arrested after showing those images, two of them reported themselves to the police station and one was recognised.

The police believe that the other eight suspects have had enough time to come forward. That is why they have now been identified. According to the police it is certainly not certain that they are Utrechters. “You see the suspects not only come from Utrecht but also from abroad.”


An estimated two to three hundred young people were involved in the riots in Kanaleneiland. Eighteen young people were arrested that same evening. Local mayor Lot van Hooijdonk warned that people who had caused destruction or otherwise went overboard would not go unpunished.