Police release video of shooting black arrester in Michigan

Grand Rapids Police in the U.S. state of Michigan released a video showing a white police officer shooting a black arrester lying on his stomach in the street from behind in the head.

A long struggle preceded that. The arrester would have obtained the agents taser, but that is not clearly seen on the video. Then the agent who is now on top of the arrester pulls his gun and pulls the trigger.

The recording was taken by someone with a phone on April 4. The police had apprehended the victim, 26-year-old Patrick Lyoya, because there would be something wrong with his license plate. Lyoya took off on foot. In the first footage that shows him, the agent tries to overpower the man. After the shot falls, the agent calls someone on the phone, presumably with a colleague.

Police Commander Eric Winstrom promised that same day that he would give full opening of cases. Last week, he visited Lyoyas father and mourned with him. โ€œIts heartbreaking,โ€ he said.

Today Winstrom released the video with the warning that language and images are shocking. Autopsy was performed on Lyoyas body. The results of the blood test are not yet in. Only after that the full investigation into Lyoyas death will be released.


have been put in place at the Grand Rapids Police Station, as disturbances are taken into account.