Police share footage of man who goes to casino with debit card elderly woman (90)

On Monday 30 August the police released footage of a man who visited a casino in Groningen with a stolen debit card and withdrew a large amount of money there.

The owner of the debit card, a 90-year-old lady, was admitted to the hospital in Leeuwarden last August. That reports the newspaper of the North. The lady had her bag with her personal belongings in her room.


It‘s not clear how the lady’s purse eventually disappeared from her purse, but on camera footage from the hospital showed an unknown man. What is clear is that a large amount of money was subsequently withdrawn with the wife‘s debit card at an ATM in Leeuwarden. Later the man can be seen on camera footage of the casino in Groningen where he takes money several times.

By releasing the suspect’s footage, the police are hoping to find the man. Do you know more? Then contact the police.