Police share images of rioters Rotterdam

On Thursday, the police in Rotterdam distributed the first images of suspects who were involved in the riots and looting in the city last Monday. The men are wanted for open assault, theft, destruction and arson.

These are suspects involved in destruction and looting at the police station at Sandelingplein, a supplement shop on the Groene Hilledijk and a supermarket on the Beijerlandse Passage and arson on the Groene Hilledijk.

Its about 14 suspects. Next week, new footage of other rioters will be made public. There may also be minors among them. The police call on suspects to report to prevent their photos from being shown in surveillance programmes on television or on screens in Rotterdam.

On the Beijerlandselaan in Rotterdam-Zuid destroyed seventeen shops, seven of which were looted. The damage caused by the riots on the Beijerlandselaan and the Groene Hilledijk in Rotterdam amounts to almost 300,000 euros, said Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb Wednesday on Radio Rijnmond.