Police share recognizable images witness fatal assault Mallorca

In Investigation Requested, the police showed recognizable images of a witness to the fatal assault of a Dutchman in Mallorca last summer. The 27-year-old Carlo Heuvelman from Waddinxveen was killed. In November, there were already unrecognizable images of the witness on the TV show, but after that call no one had reported.

The man on the CCTV footage, according to the police, was near the assault and may have filmed the events. Even if he has not made recordings, he is still a crucial witness, emphasizes a police spokesperson in the broadcast of Investigation Requested. He is emphatically not a suspect, she adds. According to the police, it is a young Dutch man who talks with an Amsterdam accent.

It is exceptional that recognisable images of a witness are shared. The police admit that it is a breach of his privacy. โ€œBut this case has had such a big impact on society, that the Prosecution finds the presentation of the witnesss photo justified,โ€ explains the spokesperson.

In November, the OM already offered a reward of 15,000 euros for the golden tip in the case.

Confrontation with group of young people

Heuvelman was seriously assaulted with friends in the middle of the night on 14 July last year in a confrontation with a group of young people on the promenade of the resort of El Arenal on the Spanish island of Mallorca. He died four days later from his injuries.

In November, the first hearing took place for five suspects who would be involved in the assault. Two of the suspects are allowed to wait for their trial in freedom, the three main suspects are still trapped. The next directorial session in the case will follow Friday.