Police shares photos of six new suspects Museumplein

The police have again put pictures online of people suspected of being involved in the disturbances on Museumplein two weeks ago. The six men are wanted for โ€œovert assault against individuals.โ€

The police shared last weeks television show โ€œDetection Requested โ€œfootage of four other suspects. This resulted in dozens of tips, after which the quartet could be traced within 24 hours. They are temporarily detainated and have been subpoenaed for a quick trial on 10 February.

On 17 January, 2500 people were gathered on the Museumplein, both demonstrators against the coronameasures and rioters. It ended in a fierce confrontation between protesters and police. When the activists refused to leave the square was wiped clean by the ME. Water cannons were used. Over 140 suspects have been arrested in connection with these disturbances.