Police shoots child (1) in head during manhunt USA

A 1-year-old baby “fights for his life” and can not breathe independently after being shot in the head by a cop during a manhunt by the American police.

CNN writes that. Daisha Smalls was at a gas station on March 3 when she heard sirens. Her little boy Legend was in the back seat.

Suddenly a man came running for the car and shouted, “Give me your keys!” to Smalls. Who refused. “I didn‘t want to drop off my car because I said my child was still in the back. I would never leave my car without my son,” told Smalls Tuesday in tears to journalists.

“Before I knew what happened, they started shooting at my car. I was afraid of my son.”

Police have regrets

Not without reason. The boy was hit in the head. “Very sad,” police chief Troy Finner responded the next day. “The child is in critical condition. We pray for him.”

The lectures of Smalls and the police differ: according to herself, she was also in the car during the shooting, not according to the police. The unsub, suspected of a double robbery, came running at some point, jumped into Smalls’ car and was armed. Cops opened fire on it. Suspect died. The child was life-threatening injured.

“Agents immediately provided first aid,” says Finner. Later they visited mother and son in the hospital.

‘Can can’

Little Legend‘s been on a ventilator for ten days. The bullet was removed from his head, but there are still particles of iron in his brain, so let lawyer Ben Crump know. The family is furious. “Why would they shoot if they didn’t know who was in the car? There could have been children, others. And they shoot anyway.”

“He now fights for his life every day. We pray for him,” said Smalls, who broke several times during her statement. “My baby doesn‘t deserve this, he doesn’t deserve to be shot at. Certainly not by the police.”