Police shows images rioters Amsterdam and Den Bosch

On Tuesday, the police showed again images of people who might have been involved in the riots on the Museumplein in Amsterdam on 17 and 24 January in the television programme Opsporing Requested. There are six people in total.

Images of people who are wanted were also shown from the riots in Den Bosch. The program showed recordings of people in the Primera and the Jumbo, two shops that were looted. There are four suspects from the riots in Den Bosch who have not yet been identified.


Tuesday morning, the police stopped two suspects of the riots in Den Bosch. They are two men aged 18 and 21 from Den Bosch. During the investigation into the violence and looting, the two were recognized on video footage.

From the riots in Amsterdam, the police showed several suspects last week. Two people who were allegedly involved in the demonstration that got out of control on 17 January have reported to the police. Monday night, police posted pictures of six men wanted for โ€œpublic assault against individuals.โ€

The two men have not yet been apprehended, but โ€œthe further process has been initiated,โ€ reports a spokesman. As a result of the photos, the police received around the ten tips, hoping to find out the identity of the other four men.

The police shared last weeks television show โ€œDetection Requested โ€œfootage of four other suspects. This resulted in dozens of tips after which the quartet could be traced within 24 hours. They are temporarily detainated and have been subpoenaed for a quick trial on 10 February.