Police takes service offline that hackers could hide

Under the leadership of the Dutch police, a service that allowed cyber criminals to work anonymously. DoubleVPN service servers were seized in a global operation, police in the Netherlands and Europol report. The Dutch police claim to have invaded DoubleVPN‘s โ€œdigital infrastructureโ€ through a hack.

DoubleVPN is a small service, but one that would be used by many cyber criminals. Those who come to a page of the service will see an image of police and foreign investigations services. This includes that the police have managed to make a lot of information about users.

According to police, DoubleVPN is popular among hackers performing ransomware attacks and fraudsters using phishing methods. Ransomware is a computer program that encrypts the files on a network in exchange for ransom. Phishing exploits personal data that criminals can deal with.

A vpn connection does not guarantee anonymity. โ€œThere is one Achilles heel, which is the company behind the vpn connection,โ€ says tech editor Joost Schellevis. โ€œThat company knows who is who very well. That’s why taking out a service that especially helps criminals for the police is of course interesting.โ€

Police suspect DoubleVPN of being a criminal organization. For example, the service is suspected of facilitating customers to commit criminal offences. According to the police, the service made advertising in forums for Russian and English-speaking hackers. The cheapest connection cost 22 euros a month.