Police terminates illegal gambling tournament The Hague

On the night of Thursday to Friday, the police ended an illegal gambling tournament in a catering facility on the Boerenstraat, The Hague.

Around 00:15 the police received a report that a catering business on the Boerenstraat โ€” against the corona measures โ€” was secretly receiving guests, who would be gambling illegally. Thats what the police are writing on her website.

On the spot there were indeed 23 people in the shop, including the owner. In addition, various objects were found – such as betting chips and playing cards – that indicate that those present were gambling illegally.

All attendees have been fined for violating the emergency regulation. A report will be drawn up against the owner of the case for violation of the emergency regulation and the Gaming Act. In addition, one of the attendees was arrested for money laundering, as this man had a large amount of cash with him.