Police Trier: ammunition in car, suspect grinned at us

The man suspected of having killed five people in the German city of Trier grinned at his arrest. According to the deputy chief of police, the defendant parked the SUV right after the attack and officers saw him standing behind the vehicle on arrival, smoking a cigarette.

โ€œ There he looked at the emergency services with a grin,โ€ said Franz-Dieter Ankner at a special committee meeting of the Rhenish Parliament. Subsequently, the 51-year-old suspect was overpowered and arrested. Ammunition was found in the Landrover, but no associated weapon.

Unemployed Loner

Police are still in the dark about the defendants motive. Theres no evidence that the man had any help or was politically motivated. During his interrogation he gave โ€œcontradictory and sometimes incomprehensible information,โ€ Ankner said to parliamentarians of the Land Rhineland-Palatinate.

The police chief described the man as a loner. He would have been unemployed and recently had no permanent residence. The suspect born in Trier slept in the car used to commit the attack. He borrowed it from an acquaintance.

As many victims as possible

Zigzagging through pedestrian zone, the assailant committed a massacre this week. Five people died, including a 9-week old girl and her 45-year-old father. The prosecution said the man wanted to make as many victims as possible.

The number of wounded by the attack has risen to 24, and today more people have reported with injuries. Its about injuries that did not require hospital treatment. The number of severely injured victims is unchanged, six.