Police visit carnival party in Brabant warehouse: people flee in pasture

The police put an end to a carnival party in Oirschot (Noord-Brabant) on Monday evening. In a warehouse there were about twenty to thirty people in carnival clothes. When they saw the cops, everyone stewed away. A few are outdated, according to the police.

โ€œ We understand that it is difficult that no ordinary carnival can be celebrated this year, but lets make sure that this is possible next year,โ€ is the message of the police. Physical carnival activities are not allowed this year because of the corona measures.

The partygoers – in appropriate carnival clothes – fled into a pasture at the sight of the police. Someone who jumped over a ditch, got hurt to his knee, reports BN De Vote. Cops went after people with police dogs. In the warehouse there was enough booze to make it through the evening.

No fines would have been handed out. However, the details of the owner are recorded. He might still be in trouble because of the party.

Carnival madness

This weekend the police intervened in Breda and the Zeeland Kloosterzande. In Breda, two cafรฉs were closed because carnival was celebrated. In Kloosterzande there were almost a hundred people celebrating carnival clothes in and at a cafรฉ.