Police warns: hefty fine for not snow-free car

Police warn on Twitter that driving away on Sunday morning without making the car snow free will cost a lot of money. For example, the police in Alphen aan den Rijn report that they have given a fine to a driver there. The car only had a small clean square on the windshield and the side windows were wiped a little clean.

โ€œ So this is not the intention. The windscreen and front side windows must be completely free of snow. The driver has been approved and ordered to make the window snow free. Costs: โ‚ฌ259, – incl.โ€, writes the police. Lighting and registration plates must also be clearly visible.

In Rotterdam, the police had to be involved because a motorist stranded shortly after driving away because it was too slippery. โ€œDriver goes on the road despite #coderood. After 10 meters experience that it is too slippery. Needs police help to push car back into parking space.โ€