Polish government did not support Polyslash, Movie Games, Anshar and Klabater

As we know, Poland has a number of programs to support game developers, including government ones. In particular, CD Projekt Red received government grants to create a โ€œliveโ€ gaming city, seamless multiplayer and โ€œcinematic sensationsโ€ from the game. Ministry culture, national heritage and sports of Poland announced the grantees of the program to support creative sectors of the economy.

Priority was given to the creators of design, music, video games and new media. Grants ranging from 50 to 120 thousand zlotys (12-30 thousand dollars) will be awarded by the organizers of Game Industry Conference, festival historical games, legal advice for developers and the Indie Games Polska Foundation, which promotes Polish independent games in the Chinese and American markets.

and mostly – not from the โ€œfirst echelonโ€. So, the authors of the Bee Simulator were paid to create a prototype Aria, a game about a four-legged animal facing the realities of war.

Grants for new games were received by the creators of Lichtspeer, Help Will Come Tomorrow, Natural Instincts, Stargaze and a number of debutants. It is impossible not to notice that the applications of a number of relatively large companies.

Specifically, Ovid Works (Metamorphosis), which wants to create an adventure game about human nature. Different Tales unsuccessfully asked for money for testing Our Life on Water, the prototype of which created for the previous grant.

Klabater failed to get money for the alleged continuation of Crossroads Inn, Star Drifter โ€” on Driftland Defenders and a project with the working title Dare to Dream, Polyslash is on the vertical cut of the musical step-by-step Song of War, and Anshar Studios to prototype Gamedec 2. Movie Games, which is working on the game with the working title โ€œA Cage Full of Birds,โ€ was left with nothing.

As did the organizers of well-known gaming conferences Pixel Heaven and Digital Dragons. More on CCeit Authors Disco Elysium: The Final Cut promised to fix console versions Vokabulantis met the goal on Kickstarter twice K The Last Campfire released a major free upgrade.