Polish Minister launches pension for police dogs

At an official ceremony, the Ministry of Interior of Poland announced a pension scheme for police dogs and horses.

At the moment, police dogs no longer receive support once they have grown too old. In practice, they are often adopted by their owner, who takes care of the animal privately, write Polish media.

But last week there was some good news. Against a background of European and Polish flags, Minister Mariusz Kamiński announced a new law.

This new law provides for lifelong care and treatment of a veterinarian, says Minister Kamiński against TV channel Polsat. Poland has about a thousand dogs in service. Theyre amazing animals. Thanks to them many lives have been saved, the minister ordained.

The animals can still be adopted by their owners. From now on, he gets food and the vet reimbursed. Other dogs go to a shelter that is currently still running by private donations.