Polish, Slovenian and Czech Prime Ministers to Kiev to show support

The Prime Ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia arrived in Kiev by train tonight. On the agenda are meetings with Ukrainian President Zelensky and Prime Minister Sjmyhal. Deputy Prime Minister Kaczynski of Poland has also traveled along.

The foursome want to express support to Ukraine and Ukrainians with the symbolic visit, writes Morawiecki on Twitter. This morning, they crossed the border between Poland and Ukraine. โ€œIn war-torn Kiev, history is being made,โ€ the Polish Prime Minister tweeted. Here, freedom fights against the world of tyranny. The future of all of us is at stake here.โ€

The Polish Prime Minister adds that the EU is backing Ukraine, and that the country can count on the support of โ€œfriendsโ€. โ€œWe brought that message to Kiev.โ€

โ€œCourage of True Friendsโ€

Morawieckis words seem to be appreciated in Ukraine. Shortly after the Polish Prime Minister expressed support on Twitter, Ukrainian Prime Minister Sjmyhal publicly thanked the three countries. โ€œThe courage of true friends of Ukraine!โ€ , he writes, referring to the physical visit.

According to Sjmyhal, the colleagues will talk about sanctions against Russia, among other things.

The visit will take place in consultation with the European Union and the United Nations, writes Czech Prime Minister Fiala. According to him, EU President Michel and the President of the European Commission Von der Leyen were consulted on the meeting. The three did not travel on behalf of the EU. A Polish government spokesperson reports that the trip was planned under strict secrecy.


aim of the visit, according to Prime Minister Fiala, is to convey the โ€œunequivocal support of the EU to Ukraines sovereignty and independenceโ€. President Zelensky previously blunts the European Union and NATO to support his country too little.

The visit of the three European leaders is of particular symbolic significance, says reporter Kysia Hekster from the Ukrainian city of Lviv. โ€œWhat they come with is not exactly what we know, but that they are there, its all about.โ€ According to Hekster, its a risky visit. โ€œApparently, they have thought that Putin wont make it in his head to attack a train with European heads of government. They want to show that theyre not afraid.โ€

Bombing in Kiev

On the day when the heads of government arrived in the Ukrainian capital, bombing again took place there. Yesterday and today, Kiev suburbs were attacked, destroying housing and a metro station, according to Ukrainian authorities.

It has been the first time since Russias invasion almost three weeks since foreign leaders visit the country. Prime Minister Morawiecki said to consider it his job to support the country at such a โ€œhistorically important momentโ€.