Polish studio Pixelant became part of Sumo Digital

Sumo Digital, a British company known for LittleBigPlanet 3 and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, announced its new acquisition. Now the company owns the Wroclaw studio Pixelant, founded by the natives of Techland. The sum of the transaction is about 340 thousand dollars.

Pixelant will be the company‘s first continental European studio, with the rest of its units located in the UK. In addition, last year Sumo Digital bought its first American studio, Pipeworks.

U Pixelant โ€” ambitious plans. From the very beginning, the creators of the studio planned to set up work so as to do without fenders and other negative practices of the industry.

With the help of Sumo Digital, the studio plans to hire the best employees and finally announce its first project. Pixelant is not the only studio created by former employees of the famous Techland.

The most famous of them is Creepy Jar, famous for the survival of Green Hell. Apart from this, Far From Home makes Project Oxygen, studio The Dust is working on the game book series โ€œI, the Inquisitor & raquo;, Weird Fish toils over an unnamed space sandbox, and publishing house Untold Tales recently released The Hong Kong Massacre.

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