Political opponents: curfew was disproportionate

From the House of Representatives, several parties responded to the judgment of the judge that the curfew should be terminated. These are parties who were against the corona measure.

PVV leader Wilders writes in capital letters and with exclamation marks that the good news is that the curfew is coming to an end. Ive always said it: curfew is disproportionate. He believes that the 14,000 unlawful evening clock fines should be undone.

Think-group chairman Azarkan emphasizes on Twitter that his party has always been against curfew. He calls it a measure which yields too little and restricts freedom too much .

Forum for Democracy also welcomes the statement. The curfew is illegal and must now be finally off the table. Freedom to go outside is a fundamental right, says the party, which adds that Prime Minister Rutte must not think of a goat path, insert or other cartel trick in order to push the curfew through. The party wants a parliamentary inquiry into the way in which the coronation policy is established.

Very uncomfortable

SGP leader Van der Staaij warned last week that the legal basis for extending the measure was very shaky. He pointed out that the original introduction had not even been approved by the House of Representatives. He now reiterates that the government has put a stop to him by using an emergency procedure.

Last week, the Party for the Animals also found that the way in which the emergency law was established for curfew was not good. We called curfew unlawful and voted against, the party now says on Twitter.