Political speed dating with your opposite: “There are more interfaces than I thought.”

In the pub or at the dinner table, discussing political issues is not possible because of corona. In order not to stay in our bubble, four friends came up with the platform Why Choose You, on which you can chat with political opposites. According to the creators, some 150,000 people have had a conversation.

We notice that in practice it is becoming increasingly difficult to find each other, especially outside your bubble, says Ruben Treurnon, one of the creators. The places where you would normally meet people with different opinions, such as the gym and the café, are now unfortunately closed. This deprives you of the opportunity to discuss with each other what we are going to vote and why in the run-up to the elections.

Why Choose You works as follows: you indicate which party you want to vote for (or indicate that you dont know yet) and are linked to someone who has a completely different political preference. Then you can vote on theorems and talk about them. Both participants remain anonymous.

You can see how this works with VVD-tuner Guido van Winden and PVDA tuner Hella Warmerdam, who talked with each other:

The platform also existed four years ago during the previous elections. This year it is promoted by media personalities such as Sander Schimmelpenninck, Kim Boon and Hajar Yagkoubi.

I think its a good initiative because I notice that people talk a lot about each other, but not with each other, says Kim Boon, who votes for a right-wing party. As soon as youre in a bubble, youre going to think the same thing as everyone else. You are expected to be against migration, climate measures and against Zwarte Piet. While it is not necessarily so.

For Boon, Corona changed that. I no longer met only the people in my own circle. I saw that I was stuck in a certain idea and some things were more nuanced. Then I got criticised again from my own bubble. In their eyes, I suddenly became very left. Then I thought, Why do we think so in boxes?

Boon himself had a chat with someone who votes on Volt, the party that is for the European Union, via the platform. We were asked whether event organisers could ask for a vaccination certificate. I am against this because I do not believe that there should be any indirect vaccination obligation.

Then followed a discussion with Boons anonymous chatmate. He or she then argued that the government should not oblige it, but that an event organizer should be able to choose for himself whether a vaccination certificate is mandatory. My liberal heart actually agreed with that. In the end, we had more drownings than I thought before.