Political thriller This Is the President is released on December 6

THQ Nordic has announced the imnear release of the global adventure strategy This Is the President. A political thriller, reminiscent of the series House of Cards, will be available on Steam from December 6. In This Is the President, our hero is a billionaire businessman, bogged down in dirty business.

In 2020, he becomes President of the United States, and now his only chance to avoid retaliation is to achieve ratification of the 28th Amendment, which guarantees lifetime immunity for any president. to the main goal, players will have to cope with both new problems and old sins, competitors, the media, official and unofficial staff and foreign leaders.

horrific, tragic and even ridiculous situations. You will have to resort to any means: persuasion, bribery, blackmail, threats and reprisals.

The developers promise an exciting plot with a wide range of options for its development. More on Gambling Addiction The leading writer of BioWare doubted the success of the series by Mass Effect Deiland: Pocket Planet comes out in December on PC and Xbox Uncharted Collection and Babylons Fall received ESRB- ratings.