Politicians condemn protest Berlin: ‘Provocations of right-wing extremists unacceptable’

German politicians have strongly condemned the behaviour of demonstrators during the protest in Berlin against the corona-measures. A few hundred demonstrators broke through a police cordon yesterday and walked up the steps of parliament. There they threw bottles and stones, where policemen managed to remove them with pepper spray.

Interior Minister Seehofer calls it unacceptable that “extremists and rioters are storming the Reichstag, the symbolic centre of our democracy“. He finds it horrible that “chaots and extremists” abuse the parliament building for their purposes.

Federal President Steinmeier has also expressed his disgust. He calls it an attack on the heart of German democracy by provocative right-wing extremists. “We’ll never accept that.” Steinmeier says that his mind is at a standstill “when demonstrators allow themselves to be pulled over by enemies of democracy”.

In the video below you can see that the demonstrators did not abide by the corona rules, after which the police intervened:

Foreign Minister Maas said he was ashamed of the Reichsflags that were shown in front of parliament. These are flags of members of the Reichsbรผrger movement. They do not recognize the current state system in Germany, because it was imposed by the Allies after the Second World War. They want to go back to the situation and borders before the Second World War.

At the demonstration in Berlin at least 200 people were arrested. At the climax of the demonstration some 38,000 people were present in the centre.