Politicians: ‘Uyghurs are murdered by China’

There‘s a lot of arguing between the Netherlands and China. This has to do with a population group: the Uyghurs. A majority of politicians in the House of Representatives say China kills Uyghurs.

Uyghurs are often in the news. The population is poorly treated and many of them are in camps.

The Chinese government calls it re-education camps. They say the camps are meant to study. But they are probably penal camps, where Uyghurs are held prisoner against their will and are abused.


That should stop most political parties in our country find. They accuse China of genocide: killing a population group. The Chinese government has reacted very angry to the accusation. Says they’re not killing anyone.

Sjoerd den Daas works for the Youth Journal in China. He knows a lot about the Uyghurs and why China is so angry with the Netherlands now.