“Politicians who contest loss Trump backed by billionaires”

Members of the US Congress questioning the election defeat of outgoing President Donald Trump have been supported by a club of billionaires for years.

The Guardian writes that. The Club for Growth was a conservative think tank for a long time, but sponsors of the club have moved further in supporting anti-democratic people, says at least Reed Galen, founder of the Republican Anti-Trum Organization the Lincoln Project.


least 42 parliamentarians who voted in favour of a survey of the election results last week have received direct or indirect support from the Club for Growth in the past. Grand Earners are Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, which also happens to be the leaders of Bidens pursuit of profit to undermine.

Lauren Boebert, according to The Guardian, a far-right figure who adheres to Qanon conspiracy theories and mentioned the location of Nancy Pelosi on Twitter during the storm of the Capitol, would also be supported by the club.


The biggest net payers of the Club for Growth are billionaire Richard Uihlein and Jeffrey Yass, both owners of large companies. Uihlein is in shipping and delivery and Yass is in the options trade. They are less known as pronounced donors like Michael Bloomberg but do have influence. The organisation rarely gives direct support to well-to-do candidates, but often opponents fall off. That said 1.2 million dollars would have been released to attack Beto ORourke. ORourke lost to Cruz in Texas.

The progressive left-wing The Guardian mentions more names of conservative Republicans supported by the billionaire club. Do you know what it is with the super rich? They believe they dont have to answer. But they have to. If youve made billions, good for you. But that does not mean that you are inviolable if you are going to fund anti-democratic, authoritarian candidates and movements, argues Galen.