Polter (Fortuna) waits demonstratively at Blom in the middle of the field: ‘No reaction’

Fortuna Sittard striker Sebastian Polter was the shameful of the evening after the cup switch off against NEC: the German striker caused a penalty in the extension and Fortuna finally fell by 3-2. Afterwards, Polter wanted to get a story from arbitrator Kevin Blom.

The Fortuna striker pulled on opponent Cas Odenthals shirt and saw Blom pointing at the dot. Polter, however, was aware of no evil. โ€œOf course there was contact. This is a contact sport, isnt it?โ€ , he informed ESPN afterwards. โ€œBut I did not knock him down, as he said (Blom, red.) I was trying to make myself wider. The ball went over us, it was not even clear that the defender (Odenthal, red.) could head…โ€
So Polter thought it was ridiculous that he was punished with a penalty. โ€œThen we could give a penalty for any moment in our sixteen. How many times have I been knocked over? Then Im not gonna ask the referee if he wants to whistle. You should ask him yourself, but I dont think hes coming out…โ€
Before Blom and the players had searched the dressing room, Polter tried to enter into the discussion. It produced remarkable images: Blom obviously didn
t feel much for an altercation, but Polter just as long waited demonstratively until he got his way. โ€œI wanted to go inside with him. And ask me what I had done wrong. But I didnt get a response… It wasnt until he entered the dressing room that he said, โ€œStay out.โ€ I did, because I respect the referee. But I still dont have an answer.โ€

โ€œSebastian Polter doesnt understand the penalty that Kevin Blom gave, by his hand. At the end of the game Blom pretended that Polter didnt exist.โ€ He didnt speak to me. I still dont have an answer.โ€ pic.twitter.com/MPDZRRMXWP
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) January 21, 2021