Pompeo on last day: genocide against Uyghurs

The United States has accused the Chinese of genocide against the Muslim minority Uyghurs. The unprecedented fierce screaming comes from the US Foreign Minister Pompeo, on his last full day in office.

The ruler says that the leaders in China are committing crimes against humanity and genocide in Xinjiang. They would be directed against the Uyghurs, but also against other minorities.

Pompeo serves under Republican President Trump, who is succeeded by Democrat Biden on Wednesday. During his campaign, the interaction with Uyghurs was already mentioned by a spokesman.

Despite Pompeos words, the Trump administration has also been criticized about the relationship with China, which has been dealt with economically, but the question is to what extent the US has made a fist in terms of human rights.

โ€œ Courtsโ€

, however, Pompeos ruling is one on behalf of the government of America, which gives more weight to the scale.

Pompeo called the Chinese action an insult to the Chinese people and to civilized countries all over the world. He warned about the consequences of Chinese influence in the free world. He believes that China and the Communist regime should be held accountable. If the Chinese Communist Party is allowed to commit genocide and crimes against humanity against its own people, it may feel encouraged to do something to the free world โ€œin the not so distant futureโ€, he warned.

The Minister urged all international bodies, including courts, to bring proceedings against Chinas treatment of the Uighurs. He expressed confidence that the United States will continue to increase pressure.

In the Netherlands, China infiltrates groups to spy on the Uyghur community, wrote De Cceit earlier. Read that article via the link below.