Pope John Paul I bebeatified

The affable Pope John Paul I, who has only been a pope for 33 days and then died suddenly, is beatified. The Vatican Special Congregation has officially acknowledged a miracle attributed to him. Pope Francis has then stated that the beatification can take place.

The officially recognized miracle concerns an Argentinian girl who prayed to the deceased Pope in 2011. According to the Vatican, she was healed in a scientifically unexplained way. The miraculous healing is a prerequisite to be beatified. After the beatification, John Paul I can be canonized.


The real name of Pope John Paul I was Albino Luciani. He was elected as successor to Pope Paul VI on 26 August 1978 and was the last Italian Pope. He was also called the Pope with the smile. Pope John Paul I was of poor and simple descent, wanted no pope coronation after his election to Pope and loved austerity.

As a patriarch of Venice, he had previously fiercely protested against the sale of a regional bank by the director of the Vatican bank Archbishop Paul Marcinkus to the infamous Banco Ambrosiano of the later supposedly murdered โ€œbanker of Godโ€ Roberto Calvi.


There has been much speculation about the unexpected and sudden death of John Paul I. According to British writer and investigative journalist David Yallop, he has been poisoned because he wanted to act against serious malversations within the Vatican bank. The American Archbishop Marcinkus, the Italian Freemason Watch P2 and the Sicilian Mafia played an important role in this.