Popular game Fortnite will not be back in Apple’s App Store for the time being

Apple does not need to re-include the popular computer game Fortnite in its App Store, the online store where customers can purchase games, among other things. That is what a U.S. court ruled in a preliminary ruling in a case brought by Epic Games, the creator of the game.

Apple no longer offers Fortnite because of an argument with Epic, which disagrees with the 15 to 30 percent commission Apple charges app makers. The company therefore decided to collect payments for Fortnite itself. Apple didn’t take it and threw Fortnite out of the App Store in mid-August.

Licensing technology

Epic asked the judge for a preliminary ruling, because it would suffer irreparable damage as a result of Apple’s step. The judge disagreed, but also ruled that Apple should not revoke Epic’s development license. This means that the company may continue to supply technology for games that other producers sell through the App Store.

Epic has a similar conflict with Google. It is unclear what the verdict means for this dispute.