Popular mod for Fallout 4, Sim Settlements 2, will get massive upgrade

The developers of Sim Settlements 2, a popular modification for Fallout 4, announced that they will be releasing a major โ€œDLCโ€ update. The release is due to take place in the autumn and in the meantime you can watch the trailer. The update is called Gunner Outbreak.

In the trailer, you can see new characters and new places to wander around. Apparently, the plot will be swirling around the โ€œShootersโ€ faction.

In the video, Captain Wes can be seen arriving at a thriving settlement and establishing control over it. So far developers don‘t want to reveal all the maps, but it’s already known that there will be a new disease mechanic, several major quest lines, a number of additional quests with new heroes and factions, as well as a brand new game mode.

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