Portuguese coach doesn’t worry about curbed Ronaldo: ‘That’s what football is like’

Cristiano Ronaldo did not play his best game in Portugal‘s shirt on Saturday night, but national coach Fernando Santos is standing up for his star player. According to the trainer, Ronaldo’s input was crucial.
Ronaldo got plenty of chances for a goal in the game with the Czech Republic, but the attacker did not get further than an assist. The 37-year-old veteran made a somewhat curbed impression in the international world, but national coach Santos doesn‘t care about that. That’s just what football is like, Santos said at the press conference afterwards.
Ronaldo got three or four good chances to score, he did his job, the coach continues. He worked hard for the team and was in the right place. Without his input, we would not have been able to score the other goals either.
Santos also said that Ronaldo was just happy with the Portuguese victory (4-0). As a result, Southern Europeans have a very good chance of reaching the Nations League Final Four.