Portuguese corruption case surfaced: Dost should not be bothered

Portugal is currently under the spell of the Cashball case. João Gonçalves, Gonçalo Rodrigues and Paulo Silva are businessmen suspected of corruption. They would have encouraged Chaves players to leave Bas Dost alone as much as possible in two specific matches. Dost was still playing at Sporting Portugal at the time.
The goal of the businessmen was to favor both the handball team and the football team. Chaves played against Sporting on January 14, 2017 (league) and January 17 (quarter final cup).
In both games, defender Freire Dost had to move freely, without opposition. Then he would get 12,500 euros twice. In the first game, Dost scored twice, in the other not.
The offer was not accepted. He competed for ninety minutes in both games. The amount of 25,000 euros was offered to the player in the hotel, according to Portuguese media, the verdict states. Dost now plays at Club Brugge, Freire at Japans third level.