Portuguese media overwhelmed: ‘Ajax great team, it has everything. Absolutely everything’

Ajax had a dream start in the Champions League on Wednesday night. A visit to Sporting Portugal won 1-5. The Portuguese media saw how Ajax was better on all fronts. Sébastien Haller and Antony especially receive the compliments.
‘Sports is thrashed by Ajax’, headlines O Jogo after the dramatic evening for Sporting Portugal. ‘The team has a terrible return to the Champions League. Haller was the big star on Ajax side with four goals. ‘
Record also speaks of a ‘moderate performance’, but saw how Sporting showed at least work appetite after the 2-1. ‘The reaction was there, but it wasn’t enough to the offensive violence of Ajax. In particular, the left side of the Sporting defence had some problems,” the newspaper refers to the excellent Antony, who made life difficult for Rúben Vinagre.
‘Antony caused headaches’sporting was soon ‘to an end’ against an excellent Ajax, Sapo Futebol saw. “It was a real nightmare, Sporting‘s return to the Champions League.” The newspaper states that Sporting played the tail between the legs after Ajax’s first hit. “And if that fear was already great, it grew even further after the 1-0. Antony, in particular, caused headaches in the Sporting Defense.”
For Mais Futebol it was clear before the game that the Amsterdammers had an excellent team, but it was still surprised by Ajax‘s play. ‘This Ajax is a really excellent team. For example, the club spent more than 50 million euros on the line of attack alone. That‘s more than the whole Sporting team.”

“But that’s not all. Ajax is a great team because it has it all. Absolutely everything. Individual talent, collective movements, tactical creativity and maturity. In short: it is a Champions League team with all the qualities needed,” the newspaper continues. ‘However, despite all this, this is no reason to justify the Sporting debacle. ‘
Mais Futebol highlights Haller, Antony and Sporting-back Rúben Vinagre. “Haller had an evening to remember for years. He has already become one of the players of this Champions League campaign. Antony was unstoppable, he was a defense scourge. Vinagre was the face of the Sporting debacle. He was completely incapable of stopping the Brazilian. We didn‘t see him back after halftime. ‘