Possible army deployed for security Marengoprocess against Ridouan Taghi

The armys deployment may be necessary for the security of the Marango criminal trial against prime suspect Ridouan Taghi and sixteen co-suspects. The cabinet is talking about this with the Public Prosecutors Office, the judiciary, the police and involved mayors. Sources report that to theCCeit.

The cabinet is very concerned about the heavy extra task for the police due to the accumulating processes, which also take years.

The security operation around the Marengprocess is called the largest ever. At least hundreds, according to some sources, up to 700, police officers would be needed every trial day. Partly from special teams, but for the most part out of the ordinary occupation such as neighborhood teams.

Security puts a heavy pressure on the police of Central Netherlands, including Utrecht, in particular, who therefore have insufficient capacity for the regular police tasks. That while the national police are already struggling with a staff shortage and understaffing, which does not make assistance from other regions possible well.

Organized crime

The criminal trials against organized crime require a lot of security. It concerns surveillance of the courthouses, the transports of the suspects to and from the prisons and personal security of lawyers, judges, prosecutors and witnesses.

The group that needs to be secured around risk sessions consists of many dozens of people. The chances of violent escape attempts are high, just like the risks for the environment.

In addition to the Marengprocess, it is about the Eris trial against motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh and earlier, for example, the Pulheim case about the murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum.

The Bunker

The Marengoproess takes place in De Bunker, the security court in Amsterdam-Osdorp. The judges of the trial were asked to move the case to the Judicial Complex Schiphol. The complex is better to secure, so fewer policemen are needed.

But justice sources say that this is not a solution because the agenda of the complex at Schiphol is already fully booked with the MH17 process and appeal in the Holleeder case.

That is why exploratory talks are now taking place and the cabinet is considering calling for the help of defence. Then its not just about the military police, who is already taking on tasks, but it could also be that ordinary soldiers are going to be seen around a court. There is also talk about support in the form of defence equipment.

The NCTV, the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security, is ultimately responsible for the security around the processes. The NCTV has not yet made an official request for assistance to defence, but confirms that โ€œa solution is being sought in a broad sense with everyone involvedโ€.

โ€œDeployment of the army is a possibility, but then it must be checked exactly if and where that can relieve the police,โ€ says a spokesperson.

New court complexes

Meanwhile, plans for new extra secure court complexes are in full swing.

The replacement of De Bunker could be built on the business park Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp, Mayor Halsema said earlier. The complex gets better security options, which can reduce the deployment of police capacity. But that complex will be ready in mid-2023 at the earliest.

At the same time, there is also advice for an extra secure room in Lelystad and an extra secure judicial complex is being built in Vlissingen. That is expected to be ready by 2026.

Mayor Van de Mortel van Vught has been arguing for an extra secure court on the ECI site (extra security prison) in his municipality, so that less armed, risky transports of criminal headpieces through residential areas are needed. But this is not a short-term solution either.