Possible double last name for children: up to two names, without hyphen

If it‘s up to Minister Dekker, children can get the last names of both parents in the future. The outgoing minister for legal protection has submitted a bill to the House of Representatives. Previously, the House had already advocated the possibility.

According to Dekker, this is how the child’s connection with both parents can be expressed. The double last name may consist of a maximum of two names and is written without hyphen, so for example Jansen De Boer.

Also for following children

If the House of Representatives and Senate agree to the plan, parents can give two surnames to their first child born after the amendment of the law. That choice also applies to any subsequent children in the family. And for adopted children, it becomes possible to choose a combination of their surname at birth and the names of the adoptive parents.

A double last name is not mandatory. The Ministry of Justice had a poll conducted and it shows that 32 percent of those surveyed are in favour of a choice.