Possible Research Media Commissioner for Kaag Documentary

The Media Commissioner may be investigating the progress of a VPro documentary about D66 leader Kaag. Yesterday it turned out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and D66 were involved in the assembly. GeenStijl published documents about that following a reader‘s WOB procedure. The image emerges that the creators of the documentary Kaag have met far.

The Commissariat, which oversees compliance with the Media Act, says that social unrest has arisen about possible political influence on public media. โ€œUnder the Media Act, public broadcasters themselves determine the form and content. Media offerings must be created without government influences, among other things.โ€ The Commissariat has contacted the VPRO and the NPO on the issue today and is now considering an investigation.

Work Appointments

Kaag himself says it is normal for work appointments to be made and that, for example, confidential things should not be broadcast. She emphasizes that documentary makers made independent choices. Previous statements from her today, from which you might find that she did not make any comments on the TV portrait herself, she later withdrew. โ€œI expressed myself a little awkward.โ€

According to Kaag, the agreement has always been that comments and comments could be made at the end. โ€œI did that too, my Foreign Affairs and D66 employees did. I just didn’t interfere with the literal email changes. But I am responsible for it.โ€


Her ministry made a comment about the fragment in which Kaag was not wearing a seat belt. But that wasn‘t taken out of the documentary.

Kaag thinks she gave a bad example by not wearing a seat belt and that she went wrong with that. โ€œI immediately transferred an amount to Safe Traffic Netherlands.โ€

Slob wants clarification of VPRO

Kaag’s colleague Slob โ€œasked the VPRO for clarificationโ€ about the course of affairs. At the end of 2020, Slob replied to questions by the PVV that D66 โ€œdid not have any involvement or influence on the documentaryโ€.

Following the now released pieces, the VPRO‘s demissionary Media Minister wants to know what’s going on. According to Slob, in answering the earlier Parliamentary questions, he based himself on information from the broadcaster. He does emphasize that he does not want to judge the program creators.

The NPO Ombudsman has also started an inquiry into the issue. It‘s about the journalistic end product and the actions of the creators. She hopes to come up with conclusions soon.

โ€œIndependent and Criticalโ€

According to the VPRO, the film was โ€œtruly independent and criticalโ€.

Kaag says she’s happy that the documentary is over: she was monitored with a camera for a long time and has experienced it as an โ€œintrusionโ€ in her private life and in her business performance.