Possible serial killer Robert Durst found guilty of girlfriend murder

Possible serial killer Robert Durst (78) has been found guilty by a jury in Los Angeles for the murder of a girlfriend. The jury eight proved he shot Susan Berman in 2000.

Durst allegedly killed her because she wanted to tell the police that she helped cover up the murder of Durst‘s wife in 1982. After Kathleen Durst’s disappearance, she would have provided him with an alibi.

Durst, a scion of a rich American real estate genus, was arrested in a hotel in New Orleans in 2015, following the HBO documentary The Jinx, the Life and Deaths of Robert Durst. During an interview for the series, Durst had gone to the toilet without realizing that his pinned microphone was still on. In front of the mirror, he muttered to himself: โ€œWhat the hell did I do? Killed them all, of courseโ€. Prosecutors say that came down to a confession. A letter from Durst to Berman in 1999 also provided evidence.


A year after Berman‘s murder, Durst was once again involved in a possible crime. He was suspected of killing and dismembering his neighbor. Before that, he was prosecuted at the time, but during the trial his lawyers said Durst had killed the neighbor in self-defense, panicked and therefore dismembered the body. The jury then released Durst. He was convicted of banned gun possession in 2016.

Over the years Durst regularly went into hiding when the ground got too hot under his feet, disguised several times with a latex mask or as a deaf -mute woman. But he also made mistakes, for example by accidentally going to the men’s room or setting his wig on fire with a lighter. He was also arrested once after stealing a chicken sandwich from a store, although he had $37,000 in his car.

Rich narcissist

The prosecutors portrayed the defendant as a wealthy narcissist who feels the law does not apply to him and who relentlessly disappears people who stand in his way. โ€œBob Durst has been working for many years and he has been able to commit horrific murders. We are grateful that he is now held accountable for that,โ€ said Prosecutor John Lewin.

On October 18, the judge determines the penalty. The serious crime that the jury deems guilty of Durst is a life sentence.