Possible trials of smaller numbers ballots next year

In elections next year, voters in certain municipalities may already face a new ballot. Despite much criticism, a majority of the House of Representatives agreed to the trials proposed by Demissionary Minister Ollongren with smaller ballots.

Ollongren wants to test with the so-called model 2 in a few municipalities. Thats a ballot that shows all the partys logos at the top. Below is a list of numbers to choose the candidate. The names of candidates are not on it.

The voter must color two boxes, the partys and the candidates number. If the voter only turns one box red, the voice is invalid. A proposal by the SP to declare a vote valid even if only the partys booth is colored did not make it.

The minister preferred to hold the experiments in the municipal elections in March 2022, but a spokesperson for her says they will take place in the refractions elections next November.

The parties that voted for are the current government parties VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie. Of the opposition parties, only SGP, Volt and MP Den Haan supported the proposal. These parties do not have a majority in the House.

The municipalities in which voters have to vote with a new ballot has not yet been determined. After the House of First House, which speaks about it sometime in the coming weeks, council councils are also allowed to decide if they want to participate.