Possibly hundreds of false requests for corona aid for entrepreneurs

After research, the government has encountered hundreds of potentially false requests for corona aid for entrepreneurs. Secretary of State Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs) states that after consultation with the FIOD and the Public Prosecutors Office it has been decided to proceed to 70 declarations.

โ€œ These support measures are designed to help entrepreneurs who are currently under heavy weight to pay their fixed burdens. Anyone who abuses aid should be ashamed,โ€ the CDA authority reacts furiously.

RVO Executive Office received signals from banks in recent weeks about possible abuse of the so-called Fixed Charges (TVL). Through this scheme, entrepreneurs affected by the lockdown can be compensated for part of their loss of turnover.

481 false applications

Almost 110,000 applications have been made for the subsidy scheme, so far more than 96,000 have been granted. After research by the RVO it appears that 481 applications appear to be abusive.

Keijzer tells us that additional measures are being taken to prevent abuse. Thus, more manual control will be introduced into the automated application system and advances will be recovered as soon as there is a suspicion of abuse.

โ€œ I am doing everything I can to prevent this and I am not fiddly to have a report to the Public Prom if there is reason to do so,โ€ says the Secretary of State. โ€œIn this way, the scheme can continue to do what it was created: provide financial support to entrepreneurs who need it urgently.โ€