Possibly much more ‘black lists’ and therefore more compensation at Tax Administration

Secretary of State Vijlbrief van Treasury does not rule out that the government still has to compensate for many victims other than those of the payment affair. He said that Monday afternoon in the House of Representatives. He acknowledged that blacklists were also used in the income tax system, which caused people to be tackled far too hard. Last week, he wrote that everyone who has come on such a blacklist will be informed in the coming months.

Vijlbrief made its statements in a long debate, in which the Chamber once again expressed great concern about the way the Tax Administration operates.

According to the Chamber, there should be much more insight into the way in which the tax administration operates. How do the algorithms that divide people into boxes work? How do those black lists come up? And why does it take so long before the Chamber is informed of matters?

Last week, the filing letter stated in a letter that not only with the Supplements service but also with income tax people were too easily stamped the stamp of fraudster for years. They already came to the slightest suspicion of fraud in a special system, but did not know that themselves. Moreover, in the event of a tax or payment debt of more than 10,000 euros, they were no longer granted a payment scheme or debt relief.

MPs want to know how many people were victims of this, but Vijlbrief cannot say that today. An inventory has started, but between 300,000 and 500,000 decisions have to be reviewed.

Members of Parliament, including Leijten (SP) and Omtzigt (CDA), insisted once again that it becomes clear how the lists came about.

โ€œ We dont know how the risk selection picked people out as a fraud. I want all systems to be cleaned up against discrimination on origin, income and family size,โ€ says Leijten.


is it clear which other governmental organisations the blacklists have all been shared with. That needs to be made clear quickly, emphasised Think-MP Azarkan.

Fijlbrief hopes to be able to say more about the numbers involved at the end of this week. According to SP- MP Leijten, it all takes a very long time. As early as March 2020, Vijlbrief stated that many more people could claim compensation. โ€œLittle has happened in a year. A year has been lost, I really do not think that is possible. โ€