Post-apocalyptic Survivor Ashwalkers Out on PC

Studio Nameless XIII, which is headed by co-founder Dontnod, and publishing houses Dear Villagers and 24 Entertainment released a post-apocalyptic survivor Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey. Ashwalkers on RS began as a student project, and with the help of Nameless XIII it grew into a full-fledged game. There are currently seven employees in the studio, and Hervé Bonin, one of the authors of Life is Strange, serves as a producer and mentor to young developers.

The action of the game takes place two hundred years after apocalypse. The player needs to bring a squad of four survivors to the edge of the world, turned into a desert from ashes.

And each attempt will not look like the other, and in the final 34 options of the ending are possible: they will be influenced not only by our decisions, but also the relationship between the characters. The game is sold with a release discount on Steam , GOOG, and Epic Games Store.

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