Posted 22 minutes of Olija gameplay

Very soon, on January 28, independent Japanese studio Skeleton Crew and publishing house Devolver Digital will release the mystical adventure Olija on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, RS and Nintendo Switch. But already now, thanks to the PC Gamer channel, you can see almost half an hour of passing. Olija‘s story is dedicated to the journey of Lord Faraday and his team.

After the shipwreck, survivors try to find a way to return home, and for this, as usual, they will have to explore the banks of Terrapagos and get acquainted with their inhabitants. process can be called Faraday’s legendary harpoon.

With it, it can attract remote objects and climb into inaccessible places. Harpoon can be used in battles, and over time it will be given electric properties.

In recording gameplay, we see several uses of harpoon. And in addition – simple and complex fights, stealth techniques and platform puzzles.

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