Potato Mountain for head office of supermarket dome CBL

In front of the head office of the dome of supermarkets (CBL) in Leidschendam, a shipment of potatoes was dumped early this morning. At the potato mountain a sign was placed with the text: Supermarkets run at full speed over the back of the peasants.

Whoever dropped the cargo is unknown. Even at the CBL, they have no idea. The action seems to come from a dissatisfied farmer. Yesterday, the CBL, including representatives of Albert Heijn and Jumbo, met with farmers interest organisation Farmers Defence Force (FDF) and the food industry.

Good conversation

According to the supermarkets, that consultation was constructive. โ€œWe find the action extremely annoying after such a good conversation,โ€ says the CBL spokesman.

Also at FDF they are not amused when asked. โ€œWe absolutely do not know where this came from. Were trying to investigate. But if it was one of our members, then we will address him. We disagree with the action after a good conversation yesterday. And new consultations are scheduled in February.โ€

That consultation would be about a quality mark that Farmers Defence Force designed. Last year, the protest group suggested the idea that supers can donate 3 percent of their turnover to the cooperative Farmer Friendly via this label.

The potato sector is struggling because of the second corona wave: