Potential Arsenal buyer presents himself: Im serious, have already put money aside.

Daniel Ek is serious: he wants to buy Arsenal. According to reports, the wealthy owner of Spotify is preparing a bid of less than two billion euros.
Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has been under fire for some time now, but according to the supporters can‘t go further after the Super League fiasco. I jumped in handy and has offered himself as a potential buyer.
โ€œI have the ambition to restore the club,โ€ says Ek in The Italian Football Podcast. โ€œArsenal is the club I’
ve been supporting since I was eight. Why do I want to buy Arsenal? First of all, because I‘m a supporter. I want to involve the supporters more in the club and introduce a certain standard and vision that will bring the club back to where it belongs. If I can do that, fine. That is what I want to achieve.โ€
s too early to say if I can do it, but I don‘t think there’s a better chance than now. And I don‘t think there’s gonna be a better chance in the next five or ten years,โ€ continues Ek. โ€œI‘m serious and I’ve even put money aside.โ€