Powder: Cabinet may stay seated after payment

The child care allowance affair must have political consequences, but the cabinet can stay on. Only 8% of voters feel that all administrators should offer their resignation, is in an I&O Research study.

Seventy percent of respondents think that a gesture should be made. One in three believes that officials concerned should be dismissed and a third believes that certain (former) administrators should leave.

A departure from the Cabinet as a whole does not help, finds an overwhelming majority. A Party for Animals Voter puts it in this way: โ€œAddressing policies that could have caused this. People follow rules and that makes the mistakes. resignation may be useful, but not in a coronacrisis.โ€

Asscher or Wiebes

As a person who would have to resign his post, the Pvda leader Asscher (former Minister of Social Affairs) is most commonly referred to as 26 percent). He is closely followed by Minister Wiebes (former Secretary of State for Finance): 25%.

I&O Research interviewed 2,336 Dutch people for this study between Friday 8 and Monday 11 January. Most of the participants (2.217) come from the I&O Research Panel. The rest completed the questionnaire via the PanelClix panel.